Protect Your Wallet

11 months ago

One of the best parts of wallets like Kryptik is the ability to control your own money. Unlike a traditional bank account or an exchange like Coinbase, we do not hold assets on your behalf. Your money is your money. But with great power comes great responsibility. Keeping your wallet secure is essential.

Luckily, Kryptik makes wallet security simple. Every account is protected by two factor authentication. To access your account, you must click a magic link sent to your email. This unlocks your wallet which is encrypted and stored on your local device.

You can also lock your wallet with a custom password. This adds an extra layer of encryption to your account. You will need this password whenever you decide to unlock your wallet. Kryptik does not store your password and cannot unlock your wallet without your permission.

Beyond two factor authentication and custom passwords, you should backup your secret phrase. Your secret phrase gives you access to your wallet on any device on any account. Never share your secret phrase with anybody else.

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