Import an Existing Wallet

11 months ago

If you already have a wallet, then you can easily import it into Kryptik!

One of the big differences between Web3 and the traditional internet is that you actually own and control your own stuff. Your wallet is your "account" and you can instantly move it someplace else using its secret phrase.

If you decide Kryptik isn't for you, then you aren't stuck. We never have access to your wallet or your assets... only you do! On a basic level, wallet apps like Kryptik are just tools to manage your own cryptographic keys. You can even have your wallet in two apps at once.

The steps below will help you import an existing wallet into Kryptik!


  1. On the connect page, press the import existing seed button.

  2. Enter your seedphrase below your email. Your email will be used for two factor authentication.

  3. Click create wallet. You will then be asked to confirm your account.