Swap Tokens

11 months ago

Swaps allow you to trade one token for another. This is useful for payments and a wide variety of financial applications. With Kryptik, swaps are easier than ever: a single interface allows you to trade 100s of tokens across multiple networks. Just choose your tokens and Kryptik will find the best price on a wide range of decentralized exchanges. You can even swap tokens from one blockchain to another! The steps below will help you get started. Happy swapping (:

  1. Set the Amount

Decide how much you would like to swap. The amount can be entered in dollars or the native token amount. A small network fee (required by the blockchain) will be added to the total amount.

  1. Choose your Tokens

Search and select the tokens you would like to swap. Kryptik will automatically filter valid pairs.

  1. Approve

Make sure everything looks right and swap! It may take up to ten minutes for your transaction to be confirmed.